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A Champion's Tale

Author: Edward F. Brown

Disaster is what makes one do great things.

Edward F. Brown

I'm an average elf. I enjoy the company of humans even though they're total asses and I like to see how many dress up as donkeys for Halloween. I've been friends with Olivia, who I call Evergreen and Ricky who I call Matt ever since my world slipped into cracks of dysthymia and they have helped a lot. My name is actually Eddie, but I go by lots of things. Some call me Eddie, some say Izeyha, some say Adrian, some even call me King. I've always wanted to make books and after being cured of depression, I came up with some quotes that I hope aren't already used to help people. "You can't erase what you've done, even if you start over. So just forget about it move on."

Pages: 134

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