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Thousands of satisfied customers and several hundreds of thousands of books delivered and 245 000 book accounts are in use!

Delighted with the result
I have just received a set of 14 books which I made to give to family members for Christmas. As it was a large and expensive order, I was quite anxious about when it would arrive. I needn't have worried. I ordered it on a Sunday afternoon and it arrived on the following Friday morning, which is amazing when it is actually shipped from Sweden to the UK. I am delighted with the book and it is exactly as it appeared in the template. The only thing i would change is that i would have liked more choice in cover colours.
Louise Burnham
I ordered one copy of a Original type…
I ordered one copy of a Original type of book with photos and text. The software was very intuitive and had plenty of options to chose from. The book arrived after a Week. I am very happy with the result and efficiency. Additionaly the photos are printed put in very good quality. I would recommened this company to everyone. The price was also very descent
Good quality product
We ordered a book of family letters & photos to make a Memory book for our brother in law’s 80th birthday. It was professionally printed & the old photos came out better than expected. Also it was delivered to us sooner than we thought. This was the second time we have used this company.
Pamela Henley
Ordered a book compiling all the poems my partner has ever written me for his birthday. Shipping notification about a week after ordering and got it 3 days later. I shed a few tears reading through it, I'm not ashamed to say. So happy with the quality, etc. He loved it by the way, and was very touched. Thank you for such a great service, thank you for the fact that it even exists!! My sister is inspired and wants to order her own soon... I'll be placing more orders. (Can you tell I loved it?😊)
Lindile Ncube
Genius idea, great product and simple to do
As someone who is not particularly creative nor very proficient on a computer, I couldnt believe how simple the whole process was. I created a story book, with pictures, for my granddaughter and found it so user friendly and very clear. The end result was just fabulous, with great quality printing and paper. I received the book within a few days and can’t recommend Solentro highly enough.
Susan Ahad
Christmas gift was a winner
The book came in exactly as promised. I wrote a number of poems for my wife and I wanted to give the book as a Christmas gift. She absolutely loved the book! So, if you want something that looks professional and can be kept for a long period of time use this company.
"Chris "
A brilliant service all round!
A brilliant service all round. I designed a family holiday book, which was 50% photos and 50% text. Once you get your head around the design process it's really straightforward. Set aside twice as much time as you think you will need though - it requires patience to get everything looking right. Fast delivery, great binding and excellent quality print.
Andy Bailey
Brilliant product - great website - love it!
A great product. Really good quality and surpassed expectations. I now make year books for both of our daughters each and every year with solentro. We love this company and is fabulous how the site stores them all for you. Brilliant website, brilliant product.
Samantha Knight
Easy site to use
Easy site to use . books were delivered within 2 weeks and looked great. Federal express could give a more accurate delivery time slot ? , Between now and 7 days later is not really good business practice . I would rather they say , it will be delivered on the 7th day than waiting around to see if it's been delivered over a 7 day period .
Twizzley Dizzley
An amazing service and product
An amazing service. I spent days creating and designing my book as a 40th birthday gift. It arrived in immaculate condition just 4 days after I’d ordered it and was exactly as I hoped. High quality, professionally printed, beautiful product. My friend loved it. I’d highly recommend solentro and will definitely use them again.
Claire Ashman
My experience of Solentro was amazing. After a few hiccups, the website was quite easy to use, and when I wasn’t sure of something, the customer service response was immediate. The books arrived incredibly quickly, just before Christmas, and the production quality is superb. Thank you. 😊😊😊
Mary Anderson
So great!
This was great! The templates were easy to use and it shipped very fast. It got here a few days before it said it was going to. It was very good quality when it arrived. My mother loved it when I gave it to her for Christmas.10/10 would use Solentro again

At Solentro you can make your own book, photo book, photo album, wedding book, graduation book (yearbook), christening book, book of remembrance, blog book, retirement book, "my first book" - we focus on simplicity and usability which opens up for your creativity!

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Photo book - an easy way to gather your photos and design your own photo book. Full creative freedom when you make your own photo book or photo album!

Recipe cookbook - gather your recipes in a beautiful recipe cookbook of the highest quality!

Yearbook - invite your classmates to write a greeting and gather everything in your own yearbook / graduation book, a memory for life! Also suitable for homecoming and/or prom.

School project - make a unique book of your school project. Make a book in our system and use the templates, designs and fonts that we offer, or you can create your book in any editing software of your choice!

Book of remembrance - when someone passes away the memories remain. Make your own book of remembrance. Ask your loved ones to write something about the person, gather memories and photos. Gather it all in a very beautiful book of remembrance.

Christening book - give away a beautiful christening book with personal greetings and images related. Write down the funny events and memories from the child's early path in life - the child's very own christening book!

Softcover Basic - Our Softcover Basic book is of the highest quality and an excellent choice for those who, for example, want to publish their own book and want to print many books in black/white!

Wedding book - why write sprawling greetings in a guest book at the wedding when you can make your own, personal and yet very professional wedding book! A popular gift for the bachelorette party, bachelor party or wedding - make your own wedding book!

Blog to book - no matter what you blog about, it's a great feeling to have your own blog printed as a real book standing in the bookshelf - make your own blog to book!

Retirement book - give away something that touches and turns into a memory for life - a beautiful retirement book! We promise that a photo book with personalized greetings and pictures from colleagues is a much appreciated gift when someone retires. Use the invite-feature to gather greetings and photos automatically into the book.

Novel / Poems - make your own book of all your texts and writings! It is very easy to gather your texts and design your book - make your own book!

My first book - add text, upload photos, select design and gather everything in a beautiful book of the highest quality. An unbeatable memory for the entire family - make your own "My first book" today!

Birthday book - that's how it all started; a unique book as a gift to our father on his birthday. We contacted friends and family, asking them to describe him as a person and put together the lyrics to a birthday book, an unforgettable gift - make your own birthday book too!

Ancestry book - put together your family tree, uncover your ethnic mix, distant relatives, and even new ancestors and gather your family history in a unique family book. Your ancestry book will be a memory for more than one lifetime!

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